Regulation of VEC

A member of VEC system agreement

This agreement is based on the following VEC charters and establishes participation to the VEC system and a necessary condition about the administration of the system.

The VEC charter

It fuses with user needs, the element technology of the seeds maker of the industry leader, an engineering firm or an applied technology of SI (system integrator) I gain the favor in the market situation and innovative technology to change busily quickly, and to receive the times in advance, and VEC (Virtual Engineering Community) is a partnership group to realize the most suitable solution construction for each needs by communalizing their latest composition information. I make use of these, and let's contribute to Japanese manufacturing industry.

The purpose of the Article 1 agreement

The member of VEC assumes the VEC charter basic mind. I can use the result that I cooperate under this agreement, and the member of VEC cooperates, and was provided by activity (called the following "VEC" activity) each other. In addition, I am aimed at developing the mutual business effectively by carrying out duty in the VEC system administration that this agreement determines and responsibility and cooperate with this as much as possible.

The definition of the member of Article 2

  1. A member of the VEC system is juridical people such as companies carrying out a device maker, system Integrator, engineering or consulting and does it with the person whom I follow this agreement Article 3, and agreed to this agreement contents. But, about the member of user group establishing it with this agreement Article 4, I intend for an end user engaged in manufacturing technique in the production spot, production control, quality control, maintenance management, factory management. I name this group Virtual End-user Community.
  2. I want to make the membership of the member of VEC that I enrolled in a qualification classification to establish in this agreement Article 4, and it is decided.

An Article 3 enrollment registration procedure

  1. An enrollment applicant chooses hope - a classification to fall under and, in enrollment registration, applies for registration from a membership classification to determine with this agreement Article 4.
  2. The enrollment applicant makes entry of a matter necessary for a VEC system sign-in application (called the following "registration" applications) that the VEC secretariat appoints separately and dispatches it to the VEC secretariat. The back that the VEC secretariat receives a registration application, and confirmed contents notifies an enrollment applicant of acceptance or declining of the enrollment in a document immediately. When the VEC secretariat approved the enrollment of the enrollment applicant, I publish "a VEC member's card" and I perform a sign-in with the issue date and dispatch this to an enrollment applicant.

An Article 4 membership classification and annual convention costs

MembershipAnnual convention costsPR qualification of our productSeminar, a subcommittee, The attendance qualification user group of various meetingsParticipation qualification workingA participation qualification
Member of support maker¥500,000
division into 1/2, 1/4 payment
○ free
Regular member¥240,000
the enrollment on the way: ¥20,000 / month
division into 1/2 payment
○ free*
Information member¥120,000
the enrollment on the way: ¥10,000 / month
impossibility○ free*
User regular member
(company participation)
(To ten registration numbers of people)
¥30,000impossibility○ free
User info member¥0impossibility○ pay*
Individual member
(only as for the person himself)
the enrollment on the way: ¥1,000 / month
collective payment: ¥10,000
impossibility○ free
Science member¥0-○ free

"○" shows that there is a participation qualification. / "*" shows what I can participate in if the VEC secretariat recognizes it by the situation and contents.

The membership of the VEC system and the matters are classified as follows, and the member of VEC can choose either membership at the time of enrollment registration.

  1. I limit it to a seminar, a subcommittee, user group, various meetings and three registrants that the participation to the working by the consulting activity was mentioned in a registration application beforehand as a general rule.
  2. I do it every year from April 1 to next year the end of March for the activity cycle of VEC (called the following "agreement" year) and shall close a receptionist of the VEC system enrollment as a general rule by the end of March. But I shall request it for the amount of monthly hire-purchase system annual convention costs that I calculated depending on the number of the moon at dawn of the agreement year when the member concerned enrolled (including the moon to belong to of the day when I enrolled) when the VEC secretariat accepted the enrollment in the middle of after April.
  3. I shall transfer the annual convention costs to a bank account to appoint of the VEC secretariat after the annual convention costs bill receipt from the VEC secretariat (including the case of the new enrollment and the year update) within one month.
  4. When it is the company where a member of VEC concludes an SI contract with the member of VEC support, by the application of the pertinence VEC support member, it can be it with a member of VEC information and does not need payment of the annual convention costs of the VEC information member mentioned above. In addition, I can become a regular member by paying annual convention costs of 100,000 yen.

An Article 5 membership benefit

A qualification to participate in the following activity is given the member who enrolled in a VEC system.

A member of support maker

  • I introduce the original element technology that a support maker has to a member for the subject. An introduction through every VEC activity is possible
  • A seminar, a subcommittee, a lecture and the attendance of various meetings and participation to the user group
  • The participation by an independent viewpoint to the working activity by the consulting activity
  • An introduction of the element technology to the VEC homepage, a company introduction, mention of the PR public information

A regular member

  • The introduction of a support seminar, a subcommittee, the our product in the event that various meetings and VEC sponsor and the concrete practical use example
  • A support seminar, a subcommittee, attendance to various meetings
  • Participation to the working activity by the consulting activity
  • Own company article introduction to the VEC homepage, a company introduction, mention of the PR public information

A member of information

  • A support seminar, a subcommittee, attendance to various meetings
  • Participation to the working activity by the request from the VEC secretariat by the consulting activity
  • Access to the VEC homepage

A user regular member

  • A support seminar, attendance to the subcommittee and participation to the user group
  • Take approval of the VEC secretariat; and participation to the working group activity
  • Access to the VEC homepage

A member of user info

  • A support seminar, pay attendance to the subcommittee and participation (but I am charged a fee) to the user group
  • Take approval of the VEC secretariat; and participation (but is charged a fee) to the working group activity

An individual member

  • A support seminar, attendance to the subcommittee and participation to the user group
  • Take approval of the VEC secretariat; and participation to the working group activity
  • Access to the VEC homepage

A member of arts and sciences

  • A support seminar, attendance to the subcommittee and participation to the user group
  • Access to the VEC homepage
  • But I have you be in charge of true activity in the VEC activity.
    An example: Lecture by the support seminar, lecture in the subcommittee, consulting in the user group, business by the working,

The administration of the Article 6 VEC system

  1. [an organization]
    As an organization of VEC, I shall put a chairperson, a general meeting, the VEC secretariat, steering committee, an audit.
  2. [a chairperson]
    It is the representative of the main meeting, and the chairperson summarizes.

    In the term of office of the chairperson, I sentence you to two years. But the reappointment does not disturb it.

    The Secretary General VEC can elect a thing acting for the duties it till the successor is decided when or a chairperson was able to lack in an accident.
  3. [a general meeting]
    The general meeting shall have a regular general meeting and extraordinary general meeting.

    I choose the appropriate time and must hold the regular general meeting after the end every hour in the year.

    When I admitted that a chairperson or Secretary General VEC is necessary, the extraordinary general meeting holds this.

    A chairperson summons it and holds the general meeting and is in charge of the chairperson.

    If there are special circumstances, the chairperson can appoint the chairperson.

    The general meeting is concluded by the attendance of the all the members of the member of support or a letter of proxy and two-thirds attendance of the regular member or a letter of proxy and can perform the decision with majority agreement of the attendant.

    When the proceedings of the general meeting need emergency, I demand the yes and no of a member of support and the regular member from a member of support and a regular member with a document and can change the chairperson into the decision of the general meeting.

    The general meeting can vote for a matter next.
    (1) The election of the chairperson.
    (2) The approval of a business plan and the business report
    (3) Approval of a cash budget and the income and expenditure settlement of accounts
    (4) The approval of setting / the revision of the rules of a society
    (5) A basic important decision matter about the administration of others VEC
  4. The VEC secretariat shall establish it in the digital office Co., Ltd. [the VEC secretariat], and the secretariat is in charge of the following matters.

    Office administration about VEC system

    A support seminar, a subcommittee, a plan about user group various meetings, drafting, held preparations

    A plan about various events, drafting, held preparations

    It is got ready to work on consulting a plan about the working in being active, drafting, composition

    In addition, the matter which you should wrestle with as a VEC system
    For details, I am similar and do detailed rules about one detailed rules) VEC secretariat duties of Article 12 with a decision.

    * the support seminar of words, a subcommittee, user group, various meetings
    It points at means to tell information to a member through various seminars in VEC activity.
    There are a support seminar (an element technical guidance seminar), a subcommittee (various study society), user group (the needs investigating study of the production spot) mainly.
    * Working
    I work on consulting and choose the theme (needs) by the suggestion from a member and do problem solving and say solution realization activity embodying.
  5. The steering committee is the engine which can vote for a matter to be concerned with on administration of VEC in a committee to summon so that the VEC secretariat administers VEC activity smoothly [steering committee].

    The committee of the steering committee consists of the part of the member of VEC user group and arts and sciences member as an adviser with the non-member of a standing committee of the member of a standing committee of the member of support and the regular member who do reading of a subcommittee.

    A member of a standing committee and a non-member of a standing committee have the voting right.

    When I need holding of the steering committee, the Secretary General VEC summons this and holds it and can act as the chairperson.

    I can vote for the steering committee by the agreements more than two-thirds of the attendance committee.

    The steering committee discusses the following matters and must submit it to a general meeting.
    (1) A VEC business plan and a business report
    (2) A cash budget of VEC and the income and expenditure settlement of accounts
    (3) The matter that becomes important in VEC administration

    The steering committee can vote for the following matters.
    (1) The matter that Secretary General VEC recognized as need in VEC administration
  6. I put an audit [an audit].

    The Secretary General VEC appoints an audit, and a chairperson appoints this.

    The audit is in charge of an income of VEC and an inspection function about the expense expenditure and points this out if there is a problem and lets an inspection function work so that I am right, and accounts are performed and must report the result at steering committee and a general meeting.

The Article 7 agreement year

This agreement takes effect with May 1, 2000 and shall remain in effect until March 31, 2001. But when the declaration of intention of the end of the VEC system or the condition change did not do it by a document from the former by end three months in the agreement year, the contract shall be updated automatically more for one year by the condition and shall depend on this example whenever, each time limit come.

An Article 8 withdrawal

  1. The member of VEC reports to the VEC secretariat by a document by three months and can resign from a VEC system. But the annual convention costs that a member of VEC already paid to the VEC secretariat are not repaid regardless of a reason at all.
  2. When it became clear to lack in the matter that a member of VEC establishes with this agreement Article 2 or to violate violation of agreements such as the annual convention costs failure to pay, the VEC secretariat can stop the membership of the VEC member without can need a notice advice at all. In this case, the annual convention costs that a member of VEC paid to the VEC secretariat are not repaid at all either.

Article 9 secret

  1. As for the VEC secretariat and the member of VEC, Mamoru shall hide from an opponent or the confidential information that you were able to know between member aspect each other under this agreement and, without prior consent by the sentence from the disclosure person concerned, I disclose these to the third person and must not leak it.
  2. A VEC member discloses these elsewhere alone or dogmatically and must not leak (including the intellectual property rights) such as a process of the VEC activity based on this agreement or a technical information idea, a publication, the report which, as a result, was provided, a right to be concerned with printed matter and proprietary rights.
  3. I discuss working group every each activity separately and, about the right of the foregoing paragraph and the detailed decisions such as proprietary rights, shall establish it.

Article 10 The damage and immunity from responsibility

I am caused by activity to determine in this official regulations or indirect, the VEC secretariat shall not take responsibility about the damage of damage others all of the derivation of the accidental occurrence the direct mark that I am related, and a VEC member put on without being concerned with presence of own foreknowledge.

Article 11 The discussion of the problem solving

When a complicated argument produced it between the people concerned about the matter which it does not establish in the interpretation of this agreement or this agreement, I shall discuss it between parties in all sincerity each time.

About Article 12 others, detailed rules

I set detailed rules to be necessary about the use of this agreement separately.
1. Detailed rules about VEC secretariat duties