Office of VEC

Murakami Masashi

Murakami Masashi

Chief of the bureau

I set up the VEC secretariat in the digital office to administer a VEC system smoothly. The VEC secretariat is in charge of the following matters.

  • Office administration about VEC system
  • A seminar, a subcommittee, a plan about various meeting enforcement, drafting, held preparations
  • A plan about various events, drafting, held preparations
  • A plan about the working group activity, drafting, composition, activity preparations
  • In addition, the matter which you should wrestle with as VEC activity

From the VEC secretariat to members

It is Murakami in charge of Secretary General VEC.
When I thought whether I might not contribute to Japanese manufacturing industry what it was, a plan of the Arai Ann group organization who did it was talked about by a seminar in an office by the subject, and, in what I named Virtual Engineering Company by the name of the meeting, activity of VEC began.

Because it was seminar-centered activity at first, it was, so to speak, the activity of the broadcasting station type. As for the theme that I took up, a story for engineers was important by remote maintenance, the Embedded OS. The thought that the business that lived that it was not it in the solution which it gave life to that it was not it in the technology that it gave life to by the activity that I did mainly on user needs on succeeding a VEC person in charge if there was not it was not brought up was strong last year.

Therefore Virtual End-User Community that was another VEC group started at that time while talking with the various places of several users who thought about what to do together to make activity of VEC an important thing.

The user group meets in a brainstorming form through a needs memoir, announcement of the solution rearranging and draws it takes up the problem of the shop floor, and where there is true needs, and it is the one of the purposes to confirm true solution (a solution) for it. And I say so that any kind of technology and any kind of skill and what kind of environment think with a member of user group (by all the attendants participation) to realize it more whether it is necessary.

The interchange with the Professor Seiichi Shin of the University of Electro-Communications deepens since such an activity has begun to start and will have you take a VEC technical advisor that you may go ahead through the activity to contribute to Japanese manufacturing industry each other.

Meanwhile, I could enter needs and solution, the change of circumstances to surround manufacturing industry, the movement of each technology standardization group, the movement of the maker which sold seeds technology, the field of vision that came up in a topic in user group, and manufacturing industry cut and brought down the theme that should have wrestled. In addition, it was wide, and the new trend information added activity to be able to stream down while having a new teacher analyze it at the same time and administered a support seminar, and a problem and the subcommittee which I did got possible to promote the acquisition of the key technology recently.

I borrow the space from this that activity was continued with the aid of members entirely until today and want to thank you.