Main Action

A VEC support seminar

To a member of user group and a regular member, a member of information, I take up the problem (a theme) of relations for business and I have a detailed key man give a lecture and a solution is easy to cut the latest information and explains it to it.
Not a thing of the technique called the information acquisition, I merely think that I depend on a base by the valuable information that joint ownership of the recognition can develop by hearing the commentary of the how to catch, and deep understanding and thought are born. I think that I want you to apply it in everyday duties and business.

A VEC subcommittee

It is a related practical use technology briefing session for business.
The object becomes systems architecture and development of products, a design / an engineer, system engineer engaged in the duties of the market research, a research engineer, the product manager.
For example,

  • In bio security system, as for the thing that is available at a usable price, there is what, and where is it in a practical use level?
  • What kind of thing is the point that you must consider in the systems architecture?
  • Is there the thing that how is it as for the problems in the use?

It is easy to cut a solution and comments on must think by systems architecture.
It is planned holding to really make a system for wavelet conversion technology, traceability package, computer validation technology, remote monitor technology that used satellite communications, FDA 21CFR Part11

User group

It is the meeting that regards a solution for it as the problem for a user having a shop floor together.
The theme, for example,

  • How can you foresee burst trouble?
  • Where should the traceability support?

The necessity with the further improvement effect of MIERUKA,
But, it is put up.

A homepage

It is wide and is deep and, to the Cola borate information of the recognition joint ownership while I carry out the discussion on the net with the opinion board from the existing information of an application seat becoming a hint in a solution report, the systems architecture that captured event information, the industry latest information, a past lecture document, needs, digs down the portal.